Top 10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Dashboard cameras are used extensively in trucks for safety purposes. If you are a trucker or are quite familiar with trucks, you will know that often they get into horrendous, big accidents on the road.

These are tough to avoid given the speed and weight of these trucks, but dash cams do help a little in this area.

As you have so many factors to think about while getting one, it could get confusing. After all, choosing tech devices can get tricky, and we know that!

So, we will be guiding you through this whole process to find the best dash cam for truckers, answering questions you would ask, making it easier and more enjoyable.

The presence of a dash cam in a truck influences drivers to behave better and maintain traffic rules, as their actions are recorded at all times. Most truckers prefer these cameras, as they provide visual proof for any accident that may take place. So, no truck driver ever runs the risk of getting into unnecessary trouble.


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WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam 

OldShark Dash Cam

Rexing V1 4K

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

10 Best Trucker Dash Cam Reviews

If you are looking to buy a dashboard camera for your truck, you will probably want it to be perfectly suited to your needs. To get a product with all the functions you want, however, some research is necessary. You will, of course, want to buy the best truck dash cam there is.

Thankfully, we took care of the hard part for you. With the list and descriptions given below, all you will have to do is read through and find the perfect one for you!

1. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam Review

In case you were looking for a camera jam-packed with many different, useful features, the WheelWitness hd pro could be perfect for you. Just remember that the price could be a little steep for some people. However, with all that this camera has to offer, you can say it is worth it.

First of all, this camera comes with a GPS, so you can track your vehicle wherever it goes. The display always has a Google Maps screen added to it, so you can see what’s being recorded, and know just where you are going.

However, the gps module is not built-in, and you will have to attach it to the camera separately. This makes it a little heavier and more prominent. You won’t be able to hide the dash cam well.

It does come with a 170high-powered lens. The wide angle of vision is excellent for covering a lot of space. Plus, the great quality of the camera helps you receive detailed footage, which could be useful in many different cases.

Trucks tend to spend a lot of time at night, so you will need a car camera that functions well in the dark. The WheelWitness hd pro has the WDR technology, which provides just the right exposure to see even in less light.

You don’t even have to worry about storage space with this camera! It has a 16GB microSD card, and your camera will record and save all the footage it takes. If it does get full, it will just delete the oldest file and keep filming.

Thus, it saves you the added trouble of having to take a break and clean out the memory card yourself.

Highlighted Features

  • 16GB SD card that allows the camera to record on a loop
  • GPS, so you can easily access the map and keep track of your vehicle
  • A high quality, wide-angle lens
  • Detailed picture, even at night


Brand: WheelWitness 


Weight: 5 ounces

GPS: Enable

2. OldShark Dash Cam

If you are on a budget but are looking for the best dash cam for trucker, the OldShark camera will serve you well. This impressive camera has a 170wide angle lens which can display good quality footage in 1080p resolution.

In case of accidents, the camera’s built-in Gravity Sensor will activate and report a collision. This will cause the essential files in question to be recorded and locked down in the memory card. So, there is a guarantee that you will always have the necessary footage at hand.

One little disadvantage you may face with this camera is that the mount that comes with it may not hold. Especially in hot weather, it could come loose, and the camera might wiggle. If you use a rearview mirror hook in its stead, however, this whole problem goes away.

Unlike some of its contemporaries, the Old Shark dashboard camera does not come with a free SD card. You can just buy it as an additional accessory. But it does promote loop recording, so you never have to face the hassle of physically clearing out the storage.

A camera that runs very well in the dark is kind of a necessity for truckers and travelers. You can receive detailed footage, even in low light, and the camera will operate automatically. So, without any trouble, you are getting good, clear image whenever the car engine is on!

Highlighted Features

  • Clear footage at all times
  • Hassle-free user interface
  • Can sense collisions and lock important footage
  • 170o lens, 1080p video resolution
  • Reasonable price


Brand: OldShark 

Model: GS505

Weight: 4.3 ounces


3. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

If you want a camera that can be hidden to catch maybe any crime or vandalism done around your truck, the Racing V1 can be pretty inconspicuous. But don’t worry, that does not cut down on its visual width. The camera boasts a 170o wide lens with 1080p video quality.

The best thing about this camera is that it has a parking monitor along with a Gravity Sensor, so you can keep an eye on your truck or car, even when it’s not running. This guarantees extra safety for your vehicle at all times. Plus, it can, of course, lock important footage as soon as it senses a collision.

This impressive trucker dash cam can support up to 256GB cards. And even if you are using a memory card with less storage space, the loop recording function it promotes will help maintain the capacity.

The camera is very light sensitive and can balance out different levels of exposure, no matter how high or low the light is. This is great when you need that high definition footage, especially at night.

While this dashboard camera may be slightly higher in price than a few others similar to it, the various functionalities it has to offer makes up for the expense. You may also have to buy an SD card that is supported by it separately.

Highlighted Features

  • Very easy to keep hidden and has a wide lens
  • Clear image, no matter the light intensity
  • Allows loop recording and supports various SD cards
  • Gravity Sensor and Parking Monitor built right in


Brand: Rexing

Model: v1

Weight: 5 ounces

GPS: Enable

4. Garmin Dash Cam 66 Review

If you are willing to spend a few big bucks for a perfect dash cam, you may as well opt for the Garmin 66. This camera has some awe-inspiring features granted at a pretty high price.

First of all, you will not have to worry about being conspicuous at all, with this 1.5-inch camera. Despite its size, it has a 180-degree wide lens which covers even more than just the road ahead of you. This will ensure increased cautiousness.

You can be sure that this dependable product will produce very high quality, a detailed display, even in very low light intensities. Like most of its contemporaries, this too has a built in gps module, which enables you to track it from anywhere.

This camera can sense collisions and lock footage which may be necessary later for proof. Its technology also allows warnings for lane changes, upcoming accidents, and different traffic signals. It can even recognize and obey your voice commands, to start, stop, and take still pictures.

However, along with the steep price, this car camera also has a low tolerance for heat. So, it may not be suitable for use in certain areas with high temperature. When exposed to high heat for too long, it may malfunction.

Highlighted Features

  • Small and light but with a high-quality wide angle lens
  • Built-in GPS, voice command system and warning signals
  • Detailed pictures in high resolution, even at very low lights


Brand: Garmin

Model: 010-02231-05

Weight:  3.52 ounces

GPS: Enable

5. Racing V1LG : Best Dual Channel Dash Cam

With most dash cams, you may have to buy two if you want to a feed from both ends of the truck. But this dual dash cam comes with an additional camera for your car’s rear end. So, with one purchase, you can comfortably observe your vehicle’s surroundings from two different sides.

Racing is excellent at creating cameras which can be discreet, in case you want to keep your surveillance a secret. Its 1080p front camera and 720p back cam will give you high quality, detailed footage at a wide dynamic range. 

If you are afraid of facing any problems with visibility at night, you can rest assured, this camera can deal with it.

You can also pick up on the time, speed and location of your vehicle at any moment since a GPS is built right into the dual dash cam. You may rarely face some trouble with the SD card and display of this camera, but when you do, it could seem like a waste of money because the product is pretty expensive.

At least, you will never have any problems with storage in this camera, as you can use SD cards with up to 256GB space. Plus, the recording runs in a loop, so the camera itself can always manage enough space for new footage.

Not to worry, though. If there is any super important footage in your card, your camera can immediately lock it, so it doesn’t get immediately deleted. The Gravity Sensor contained in this camera can sense any collision or accident, which triggers it to save the current footage.

To sum up, the various functions it has may just make it the best dash cam for trucker.

Highlighted Features

  • Can sense collisions and lock necessary files
  • Supports SD card with more than enough space
  • Sports both front and rear dash cameras
  • High-quality wide angles lenses


Brand: Rexing

Model: SG_B071LPV7G6_US

Weight: 1 pounds

GPS: Enable

3. KDLINKS  GPS Enabled Full HD 1Camera

Do you want detailed updates about your vehicle’s whereabouts, speed, and more? Because this camera has it all! Your display will include a reliable map, the speed, and location. And since the video quality is top-notch, you will be able to see what is going on, in perfect detail.

However, the microSD card is comparatively a little low on storage space. But since the camera promotes loop recording, you will always have current footage at hand. The GPS – which was intelligently incorporated into the glass mount – is not always at its strongest, so you may sometimes lose signal.

Its suction cup helps mount the camera on to the vehicle’s glass and is solid, but the product itself is not sturdy enough to tolerate high heat. Nonetheless, sliding the camera on and off the mount is a straightforward and seamless process.

You will get an excellent 165o wide angle lens which provides 1080p resolution display. The camera itself is quite slim and minimal-looking. So, you won’t have the trouble of seeing a big, bulky object stuck to your car or truck.

Its WDR technology makes it a good camera for use in the dark. Plus, a Gravity Sensor is built into it which can help lock down footage in case of accidents. All in all, this could be the best dash cam for truck drivers.

Highlighted Features

  • Great night-vision and equipped with G Sensor technology
  • Clear 1080p resolution display
  • Comes with a microSD card
  • You can see location, routes, and speed, in the display



Model: X1

Weight: 2.24 ounces

GPS: Enable

7. Roav DashCam A1

Looking for that Best Rated Dash Cam For Truckers which will give you the perfect night vision? Sure, so many of these are adequate at displaying high definition footage in daylight, but if you need the detailed low light visuals, you should go for this camera with Advanced Nighthawk technology.

Its wide lens will give you beautiful, 1080p resolution image that covers the whole road. This unique device also has built-in Wi-Fi which makes transferring, managing, and sharing videos much more comfortable!

The Gravity Sensor in this camera can sense collisions even when your car is not running. If any incident occurs, it will automatically turn on and start loop recording.

The camera itself does not come with an SD card, but you will have to make sure you buy the right one for it, as it will only support certain types. FYI, the optimal card for this product is the A class 32GB microSD. If you do plan on using a 64 or 128GB, you will have to format them first.

One shortcoming of this car camera is that it only has a 140lens, something many users may not be pleased with. Plus, the video quality is likable by some, often you might have trouble reading license plates 20-25 feet away.

Highlighted Features

  • Advanced Nighthawk technology for great night vision
  • Has a built-in Wi-Fi for user comfort
  • Cheap but with many features
  • Gravity Sensor works even in a stopped vehicle


Brand: Anker

Model: AK-

Weight:  10.6 ounces


8. The Road by Anker Dash Cam C2

This dashboard camera is specially built to endure extreme temperatures, either in the negative digits, or the positive. This is a feature many cameras lack, and one entirely necessary, as they spend the majority of their time outside.

Plus, it provides a comfortable display in 1080p resolution. It covers the whole road way beyond just the car before you because of its 5 lens elements. Thus, you get a wider vision, very helpful for driving with caution.

You can also rest assured that it will give you great service when it comes to night vision. This camera boasts both WDR and Nighthawk technology, which produce displays in explicit detail. Reading license plate numbers won’t be an issue at all!

The price is pretty reasonable, so if you are on a tight budget, this would be a pretty great camera for you. But in case you are trying to be discreet with your surveillance, you may find that hiding it is a hassle because of its size.

Other than that, you may run the risk of finding minor problems with the SD card. Added to that, fitting the camera onto the mount is a little tricky, and needs some getting used to.

Highlighted Features

  • Resistant to very high or low temperatures
  • Detailed, wide display
  • Comprised of Nighthawk and WDR technology for good night vision
  • Cheap


Brand: Anker

Model: H2220111

Weight:  1.12 ounces

GPS: Enable

9. AUKEY Dash Cam Review

For such a reasonable price, the AUKEY dash cam is quite a purchase! Many of you may not want to spend way too much on a camera you’ll just stick to your car. Although you must remember, this little device could help in adverse situations.

The lens in this camera guarantees very sharp and detailed video footage, so using this, you can easily read license plates of cars in front of you. Even nighttime footages tend to be clear enough with this camera which provides a 170o wide lens.

You can use this device for long hours, despite extreme heat or cold. It is tolerant enough to be durable in hostile weather conditions. Plus, you get a good G Sensor which can sense the slightest incidents and lock the necessary footage down for further use.

Otherwise, the camera will be recording in a loop, deleting and saving videos to save space in the SD card. This is great, as except for emergencies, you won’t have to clean out the SD card yourself at all! It also comes with mounts which are very easy to use.

Furthermore, the small size of the camera makes it very suitable as a hidden surveillance cam. The only problem you may face with this one is that the firmware updates may not always work out too well. In that case, seeking help from the manufacturer’s customer care will be smart.

Highlighted Features

  • Small and inconspicuous for day and night
  • You can buy it on a low budget
  • Extremely sharp video quality from a wide lens
  • Very resistant to heat and cold
  • Can support various SD card


Brand: Aukey

Model: DR02-USA

Weight: 11 ounces


10. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

This is solely a rearview camera, for those of you who don’t need the front cam, high definition dashboard cams. It is one of the best out there, providing a monitor, large enough to display all the image.

Of course, rearview mirrors are entirely necessary for various reasons, parking, fleet safety precautions, etc. They may not be able to provide details about location and speed since there is no built in gps module inside, but they do serve their purpose in creating a clear image for a vehicle.

You get a 130o wide angle lens with it which is quite acceptable for a rear camera. Plus, it consists of 18 infrared lights, so your viewing distance can be up to 50 feet long. The fact that it uses infrared means that darkness won’t affect the exposure of the video, and you will always get a balanced image.

The monitor is a color lcd screen, and the mount that comes with it is universal. Since this specific camera will be situated outside the car, keeping it safe from water is vital. And you’re in luck because this one is completely waterproof!

If you’re getting this for a truck or a semi truck, it’s perfect! It’s got a good sunshield, has a sturdy casing around it and can be mounted easily. However, for cars and smaller vehicles, this may be a little too large to fit and mount properly.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Good wide lens with 18 infrared lights
  • LCD screen mirror which produces a bright, sharp image
  • Waterproof


Brand: Rear View Safety

Model: RVS-770614

Weight: 7 pounds

GPS: Enable

What is a Truck Dash Cam?

First and foremost, before buying one, you must know that a dashboard camera for trucks is usually placed at the front windscreen, and it records videos and pictures. The camera can send recorded footage using 4G to owners.

Plus, some of them are 360o cameras, so they capture visuals from both inside and outside. Some of these can even record the speed at which the truck moves in, so a trucker’s movement will always be under observation.

Why Do You Need One?

Now, you may be wondering how necessary truck dash cams are. Do you have to have one in your truck? Can you skip buying one if you are already a very responsible truck driver from the get-go? And must it be the best out of all the different ones out there?

If you are a trucker yourself, you are probably doubting why such strict surveillance is necessary. Well, it is actually for you­­r good.

Saves Your Concerns

Given the high rate of truck accidents nowadays, it is smart to keep a record of all your activities on the road. In case you are suspected of any rule breaking, you will always have visual proof to clear your name. These cameras also help in incidents of vandalism, so you can even protect your semi trucks!

Makes You More Aware

Knowing you are continually being filmed does make you more aware of your actions. The fact that the speed of your truck is always recorded will help you remember to maintain the speed limit.

This awareness, in turn, aids in reducing truck accidents. These cameras are solely for the safety of drivers and other people on the road.

How to Choose The Best Dash Cams For Truckers

Now, you may be thinking, “Great, I have a list of the best dash cams for trucks but how do I choose from so many!?”

Well, we can help you with that too. There are certain factors to consider when buying a dashboard camera, which we will discuss now. Keeping these factors in mind, you can sort out the perfect das cam for your needs.


First, let’s talk about the price. As you’ll see through a bit of research and study, there is a whole range of prices you can get these cams in. And there are quite a few excellent ones at low prices.

If you are on a budget, you can narrow your search down to those. If you are free to spend some big bucks, there are many cameras with impressive features, just waiting for you!

Picture Quality

The one thing you must keep in mind is the picture quality of the lens. Is it wide enough? And which width is suitable for you?

You can get cameras ranging from 140o, right up to 180o. It is for you to decide, which wide angle lens will be acceptable, as you will be observing or driving the truck. 

Keeping You Safe

One of the main goals of these cameras is to keep you safe and provide visual proof if needed. So, focus on how clear the image is. If the image quality fits the claim. Usually, 1080p resolution does provide pretty clarity, but it won’t hurt to make sure.

Among our reviews, there are some that produce very sharp images, and some which make it tough to read license plates. If you know your needs, you’ll know which to buy.


Think of the amount of storage you need in your camera. Is loop recording necessary, or will you have the time to clear out its memory often? How hassle-free and user friendly do you need your dash cams for trucks to be? There is also the question of SD cards, if it comes with one or not, and which ones it will support. 


For your safety, you could get a truck dashboard camera system that gives you warning signals for collisions, lane changes, etc. Or, if you want to make things very easy for yourself, a camera with voice recognition features could be pretty high, too!

There are honestly so many varying options and features in these cameras, finding the best trucker dash cam for yourself will be no trouble at all.

Gravity Sensor

But make sure yours has a Gravity Sensor, primarily if you aim to use it mostly for safety. In case of any collision, these cameras will automatically lock and save the footage.

So, even if it goes through many loop recordings, there will be no chance of losing the files that matter. Even better, if the G sensor works when the car is not running because then, no matter what, you will find anyone who hit or harmed your vehicle.

High Quality

If the camera is used to only record high definition videos of your travels, you won’t feel the need to hide it. But for truckers, these cams help with safety issues.

These are the only devices which can provide proof in case of vandalism, accidents, theft, or other crimes. So, being discreet with your surveillance camera could be necessary and for that purpose, maybe get one that is small enough to hide in corners.

Rounding Up

Last but not least, make sure your camera has a good, working GPS. If you want to keep track of your vehicle from far away, there is no better technology than this.

You can find the location of your truck, look up its routes, and see its speed, or other details right on display. In case of an emergency, finding your truck will be a piece of cake.

So, now you know pretty much what to look for, to get precisely the right dashboard camera to suit your needs. Yes, your head may spin a little at first, given the array of good cameras.

But hey, if you know the right questions to ask, you’ll soon find one to your liking!

Tips to Take Care of Your Truck Dash Camera for a Long Time Use

Tech devices are not only to be bought but cared for. If you do not maintain its quality, it won’t last long, and pretty soon, you will be back at the store, or online, looking for a better camera. If you don’t want to keep wasting your money, note down a few tips, you can go for, to take better care of your dash cam.

The type of care you give your camera depends on its different features and shortcomings. Make sure you keep everything in mind when you aim to fix it up or update it. There are some things you can do, but here are a few necessary steps you can take.

  • Keep the firmware updated. New updates are often provided by the manufacturers that target problems or bugs and fix them. Keeping it updated will only make your work easy.
  • If your camera has a low tolerance to extreme temperatures, keep it hidden and away from heat or cold. You should also travel with its limitations in mind.
  • If the suction cup does not work and keep loosening up because of the heat, don’t repurchase another one. Instead, get a rearview mirror mount or hook. These are not affected by heat, so your camera won’t keep falling off.
  • Keep the camera clean and protected from dust and debris. Since it will be spending a lot of time outside, accumulating and being damaged by these pollutants is a big risk.
  • If the dash cams for trucks is not waterproof, do not mount it or leave it outside the car. In case of rain, your camera will be ruined forever.
  • Clean out the SD card yourself sometimes, or check the footage recorded, to make sure no problems have formed. Being aware of your camera’s state will help you prepare for any issues that may crop up.

Benefits of Using a Dash Cam

Best dash cams for truckers are such important devices; almost every truck today has one attached. These little cameras, if they work well enough, will give you good image quality footage, help you keep track of your vehicle no matter where it goes, and be informed in case of an accident.

The rates of truck accidents have only increased with time, and often, truckers get falsely accused in these cases. Dash cameras thankfully record all your movements in a loop as long as the truck is running.

So, even if something bad happens and a trucker gets into unnecessary trouble, he can easily clear his name using visual proof.

Moreover, there are times when accidents can occur, even when the truck is parked and not running. Or, there could be risks of losing important videos of accidents, since the camera itself can delete old footage.

But Gravity Sensors present in the camera are triggered during collisions and these work to either turn the camera on or lock video files.

So, these cameras just happen to be the saviors in times of need, as they give you any information at any time. If the camera you choose to use has a built in gps, things will be even better for you!

You can keep track of your car’s whereabouts; a great thing if you fear thievery. And, you can get live updates on the speed of the truck, its routes, and have a record of all the timings. Seriously, this is the one device which can keep you and your vehicle out of harm’s way.

Types of Truck Dash Cam

You already saw a list of all the dashboard cam which will be best for your truck. But these have specifications and groupings, as well. For example, you have ones you can fit at the front of your vehicle only. These will give you a detailed view of anything that occurs in front of the truck.

You also get rear cameras, which serve a different purpose entirely. Yes, you can use these to survey events as well, but they are mostly used to get a better understanding of your bearings. So, in case you have to reverse or park, you will be able to notice any obstacles better. This too helps to avoid accidents.

Then there are some front and rear dash that come with a front view and a rear view. Thus, you get the best of both worlds in one purchase. With these, you can keep an eye in front and behind you. This is a pretty great way to save money.

There are also many cameras with varying features, each serving a different type of need. So, you can say, every single dashboard camera is unique, and to choose one, you will have to look at all the features and then decide what goes best. For more details, you can have a look on this article

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Cameras Be Rotated in Different Ways?

Yes, most of these allow rotation, so you can either film videos inside the truck, or outside.

Are All These Cameras Waterproof?

No, only the rear camera is waterproof, as it has to be mounted outside the car. Dash cams stay inside, and they must be kept away from water. 

What Do I Do If The Mount Keeps Falling Off?

Extreme heat may affect the durability of the camera mount. You can either buy a replacement or get a rearview mirror mount instead.

The New Update To The Firmware Of My Camera is Not Functioning Right. What Do I Do?

In this case, there may be trouble with the camera. The smartest thing to do would be to contact the manufacturers. Normally, they are fully capable of helping users out.

How Do I Find a Suitable SD Card For These Cameras?

Unless especially specified, these cameras support all sorts of SD cards in various range of sizes, so you can get whichever you want. Some may only support an A class microSD, so you will have to make an exception for those.

Does Dash Cam Affect the Battery?

Usually, when the truck runs, the battery is recharged. But it could be happen, the battery is drained when a long time the truck is not on driving. 

Final Words

As a user or someone who is only starting to gain an understanding of dashboard cameras, there is much to know. There are quite a few outstanding ones out there, and choosing the best dash cam for truckers among them can be such a hassle. One thing is for sure, though, you will get the best ones if you pick out of the list above.

All you need to do now is follow the guidelines given to choose the perfect trucker dash cam for yourself. Once you have it, take good care of it, so it lasts you a long time. It’s not that tough a job. And make sure you get good use out of it, whether it is for legal purposes or recreation.


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