5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Heat Press Machine

Finally, you have made the decision of venturing into heat press printing. The first thing to do is to ensure you invest in a good heat press machine that will make your work easier and faster. However, the process of buying this machine is not as smooth, and there is so much involved, especially if you are buying for the first time. It is, therefore, essential to have specific things to look for that will guide you in making the right decision.

Size of the Machine

The nature of your printing often determines the size of the heat press machine that will work best for you. If, for instance, you want to buy a machine that will help you print t-shirts in bulk, then you will require to get a machine that is of a bigger size and can withstand long term heat and still provide the same quality results.

Design of the Machine

The design of the machine is another essential factor to consider, as it indicates the ease of use of the machine. There are three major designs to choose from when it comes to heat press machines: drawer style, clam style, and swing style.

  • Drawer style. It allows the user to pull the lower platen like a drawer out towards you.
  • Clam style. It opens upward for easy removal and feeding of the t-shirt you are printing.
  • Swing style. It swings the upper platen away from the lower completely to either right or left.

Your Budget

Most people often overlook this consideration, but it’s quite helpful to have a working budget. With a budget, it is easy for you to shop around and find a machine that will work best for you. Additionally, with a budget, you can plan your finances. When budgeting, always ensure to incorporate your expectations and the type of services you need from the machine.

Power Options

Not all machines run on the same power supply. Therefore, before you commit to investing in a particular brand, ensure you understand its power options completely. There are some machines that go with a power supply of at least 220V, which is similar to other household electronics. However, there are others that demand more power to work effectively.

Estimated Workflow

Although all heat press machines can be used in t-shirt printing, not all of them are suitable for every job application. If, for instance, you want to start a heat printing business, you will need to buy a machine that will operate smoothly and meet your expectations without complications. On the other hand, if you only want a small machine that will handle simple customized printing, then buying a small machine on a low budget will work for you.


With the above tips, it will be easy for you to make the right choice when buying the machine. You also need to consider the space you have for easy storage and operation flexibility. The last thing you want is to buy a machine that will not fit in your expected space.


How to Maintain Your T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine

If you have chosen to venture into the T-shirt screen printing industry, then be ready to handle mass orders and deal with all sorts of customers. However, just as in any other business, the customer is always right, and it is your duty to satisfy them all the time. This includes delivering orders on time and producing quality products. What happens when your machine has a problem? It gets tough to meet specific orders, and at times you deliver poor quality. However, all this can change if only you follow the right channels to maintain your machine.


Oiling helps to keep things rolling and in good working condition. When your machine does not have enough lubrication, its rotation and operations will not be smooth. This will, therefore, affect the type of results you achieve with every printing. In the long run, it will cost you pretty much to repair the entire machine or even replace it depending on the damage it will undergo.

However, when you lubricate, you are likely to save yourself the hustle of repairing or replacing the machine. With the help of the owner’s manual, you can find out which type of oil is efficient for your machine and how often you should apply it. Also, ensure to keep a good track of how often your oil to ensure you don’t over or under oil the machine.

Listen To Its Operating Sound

Before your machine breaks down, you will likely notice a difference in operating sound. Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to how it works and sounds. This way, it will be easy for you to notice whenever the sound changes hence make the right calls before the matter gets out of hand. However, it is also essential for you to know a few tricks on how to fix basic parts. In case the sound is nothing unusual, however, it is good to have a technician in dial speed for the complicated repairs.


Keeping your machine clean is another essential way of maintaining it in good working condition. When your machine keeps hips and pearls of ink and other dirt, it is likely to start malfunctioning. Whether you are printing commercially or you are only printing T-shirts for your household, it is good to ensure that after you are done printing, you keep your machine clean. This way, the ink will not stick on various spots hence interfere with your prints the next time you keep the machine rolling. However, while cleaning, also ensure that you follow the right practice to avoid breaking items on the machine that may affect its performance.


Maintaining your screen printing machine is not as complicated as it may look. Therefore, take your time to study your machine and learn how it operates while both in good condition and when malfunctioning. Additionally, ensure that when not operations, you completely cut any electrical supply to prevent electrical-related accidents when you are away. This way, you will not only keep the machine safe but also the working environment will remain safe and convenient for future services.